Water Quality Stations

The stations listed on this page are a subset of water quality stations that include currently sampled stations and recently inactivated stations. Clicking the station name on the side bar or the icon on the map will give you links to download all available data (grab samples and continuous data if available) for that station. If you are interested in historical grab sample water quality data collected by SRWMD at other locations, you may download all SRWMD water quality data by clicking the links below. The data is provided by the station category types sampled. Be aware these files can be very large and can take some time to download.

All SRWMD Groundwater Stations Water Quality Data
All SRWMD Springs and Surfacewater Stations Water Quality Data
All SRWMD Blank Sample Type Water Quality Data

SRWMD quality code dictionary spreadsheets can be downloaded via the link below:

SRWMD Quality Code Dictionary

For more information on levels, discharge and rain data visit the SRWMD Water Data Portal

SRWMD Water Data Portal

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